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Reddit r/fake id Scam

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Reddit r/fakeid SCAM Warning & Threat Buying Fake IDs
This is a dire warning for those looking for a fake id. I do not recommend ANY site I just hope people read this. I consider this the most important warning I have written.

Reddit has a channel r/fakeid. After many months of following, reading, and many emails I can’t remain silent.

First Reddit is located in San Francisco California and according to Reddit’s own policy this channel is in clear violation. Reddit has received many complaints and even news articles written on r/fakeid.

Now, why is this channel not shut down? It is the only channel that when it comes to illegal items assigns “vendor” tags next to the users name who makes fake id. You do not see this on any of the drug forums or other illegal items. Those forums strictly forbid reviews, posting URLs of sites, let alone assigning vendor statuses. After messaging mods of these other forums they made it clear that they have been warned by the upper staff of reddit to never do so and monitor these forums.

SO WHY do the rules not apply to r/fakeid?

First let me ask you, would you do daily shifts for many hours as mod for a fake id channel for months or years for nothing in return?

After months of researching I saw a pattern that many have emailed me about. Seems NEW legit fake id makers turn to r/fakeid to become reviewed and sell fake id. Most young and have not done their homework. After a few months of sales they simply disappear. In other words they get arrested.

Seems the perfect relationship! The FBI has found an easy way to catch new fake id makers. They overlook the scam mods who are scammers keeping order and quickly erasing any post exposing this or buyers not receiving their ID purchased. The scam mods make sites which anyone can tell is by the same few people over and over. Post a few good reviews as a customer, and scam away. Once too many are posting about never getting their fake id to keep deleting the mods claim it a scam. Next thing you know a newly registered site appears selling the same IDs and it is mod cleared as legit, backed by a few fake reviews, and off to scam again. Over and over.

I then reached out to every site listed as a scam. Most did not reply to defend, so I conclude they may well be a scam, but a few did. They were very aware of what I have written above and agreed. Basically, if you are outside of the USA in a jurisdiction like China where you cant be shut down by the FBI they label you a scam is what one site told me and actually sent me a free fake id to prove they are legit. Was a very good fake id. All I can say with absolute certainty at least one site on their scam list is not a scam.

I would say if you value your freedom avoid r/fakeid. Getting caught up in a bust of a fake id maker you ordered from and has your info as a customer. Even worse the id maker has already been arrested and the Feds are running the site or email and you make a buy.

Only sound advice is ENSURE the fake id site is not in the USA. I have read so many articles and the few sites in the USA or Canada (that are legit) get shut down. Only sites that seem to deliver are in China. Google “china fake ids” in their news section. Do be aware some scam fake id sites are using Western Union to send payment to China. Does not mean they are actually in China. Just found someone in a mainly a poor country by putting a fake job listing on some board for collecting WU payments and resulting in sending you nothing.

Before posting this Ukfakeidreview started doing research and will be posting r/fakeid screen shots of mods admitting they are fake id website owners! Would you highly rate your competition as a mod? Can they be non bias especially when they are operating scams that do not deliver?

As the owner of UKfakeidreview I was ripped off 5 times before getting a fake id from an honest site. I put this site up and opened comments. Spam bots and the scammers flooded the reply section meant for reviewing websites others have bought from. I have a life and not the time to go through truly 20,000 comments a week. Put in a new system of rating websites with star reviews and comment section. Comments are held for review, but any honest review will be approved. Will not approve the one or two word comments. Will not approve fake id sellers with just an email address as they are all scams, so do not try. For sellers who have a site leave a comment on any review and will create you a listing. Readers leave a review on any post telling me of a site you would like listed that you bought from, include your review, and I will add it.

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reddit = RIPPED and JAILED

Review is 100% true! I tried for months by replying to posts and trying to really add insightful replies. Then the whole exposure thing happened about mods being website owners. They asked for people to apply and to replace them which AGAIN was all a RUSE and BS with no intention to give up the scam and aid to the feds. I was one of the few who actually hung around and not just there to get a fake id and never contribute again, Thought maybe one day I would make ids, but kept that hush because as time went on I felt things were not right.

I sent a mod who I will not name a message that I would like to be considered for a moderator position. That I am fair, honest to all, showed more details on many posts I helped be fair, etc.

If he would of just said no that would of been fine and life moves on. That is not what happen!

2 days later my account password was disabled locking me out! I thought what on earth? Did the PW reset and not one email arrived, try after try! I concluded because somehow an upper management had to do this with out me never getting an email it was done!!!!!!
I sent as many emails as I could. Searching for hours of valid emails for Reddit.
ONLY thing that can make sense is the claims the article makes. I plead to all who read this it is not bull$hit!!! Urge you not to post on reddit unless you got a trusted proxy or VPN.

NOW MY NAME IS A MOD!! Just not me, is some scammer low life working with the feds to catch those buying fake ids and the new sites who do not do their homework. Guess a nice name like mine with many posts looks better then a zero poster account. They just steal it and where can I post? Reddit will remove no matter where I post. Tried a few times and they shadow posted me or whatever they call it. Basically I see the post like it has been posted, but it i has not been. I assume they hold for review and delete it as the truthnever went live. Try posting it yourself. Post links to the origination blog. The soon to be released moderator posts admitting they are website owners of selling fake id. JUST ONE BIG OLD SCAM!!!!!!!! Wish you all get a good fake id! Buy where you like online! However, PLEASE for gods sake be SMART. Any site promoted on Reddit RUN from!!!!