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Want a fake id? Take just minutes to READ my blog or ELSE.

I have spent a lot of time getting ripped off until I got a fake license a year back. I spent a lot of time to research and give you the definitive guide to NOT getting ripped off buying a fake id. If you do not believe what I say below or read it word for word, then you get what you deserve as I said above.

Spot a fake id scam site! Easy as 1.2.3…

You know its a scam when…

The fake id site shows you images or video of a license that is blurred out or covered. Covering up your own license information and image, then taking a video of it, like you made it, does not fool anyone does it??

They make you pay by Western Union. Western Union is law enforcements best friend. Only fast cash scammers use Western Union asking you to wire money to some name in a foreign land. Real fake ID makers never use this payment when law enforcement track the seller and buyer to arrest.

They ship by USPS. Not one legit fake id maker is in the USA or Canada anymore, I can say this with 100% certainty. Known fact the USA scans the front of all domestic mail and keeps a log (NSA). This means anyone in the USA mailing fake id can be busted. Just takes one LE to order the fake id, then check the database from where it was mailed, do a stake out, and the seller is toast.

Location… Location!. There are plenty of sites claiming they are genuine, but just wait until you see the novelty junk you actually receive in the mail, if it comes at all. Only legit sites operate out of China, like ID chief (now closed) and a few others.

That wasn’t hard to read now was it? Now, if you only stick to the above warnings you got a chance.

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I get a degree from

I got a degree from , I get it easily. it is same as the real one but not issued by the university.

Know this poster made other posts as the owner of this site which were deleted. This review was made by the owner. If you want to get listed just ask! Not one of your other posts did you ask. Will try and get you listed, so you do not need to leave fake reviews for your own site - not cool.

by ErikaResearchingGirl on Spot Fake ID Website Scams
I feel like I can't trust any Website

I have been searching for months trying to find a site that wouldn't rip me off.  The thing that really made me wonder about this China based company is that they would only except payment from a prepaid Amazon card. That just doesn't sit well with me. I really wish i could get some type of good truthful information as to where to go without getting ripped off. Thank you for your time.

Do not base your decision on form of payment for picking your fake id site to buy from. Fake id sites if they are smart and legit will not accept a form of payment that can track them or you. No legit fake id seller accepts Paypal because their TOS forbids them. One complaint to Paypal and the ID seller's account is closed and customer receives their money back leaving the ID seller scammed. No fake id seller can be approved for a merchant account because fake is not legal, so no legit fake id seller will accept credit cards. Any fake id website accepting credit cards is a phishing scam. No legit fake id seller will accept MoneyGram or Western union. They both work with law enforcement to track and arrest sellers and buyers. Legit and scams to look legit will accept alternative payments. Gift cards and Bitcoin seem to be the preferred options. Only issue with customers in the USA who use Bitcoin is the US government has turned banks into forced spies. Those who use their bank account in anyway to buy Bitcoin will see their account closed. Sadly a bank can close a customers account without any valid reason. They do this to protect the dollar as crypto currency is taking over and growing daily. Unless the Dollar can stay the top world currency it will collapse. The dollar is backed by nothing but "the good faith and credit of the US government". Credit which was down graded and 20 trillion in debt along with 60 trillion plus in unfunded liabilities. Dollar is living on borrowed time and no way out. Sorry for the long rant, but it is the truth. I know the site you are referring too and I do not recommend any site. However, you may want to watch the videos on their site featuring them on the news. An undercover reporter did a buy from this site, received it, showed to expert, and they claimed the fake id was flawless. That is a pretty good review compared to online anonymous reviews about fake id websites. I made this site as like you, I found every site with bad reviews. I want this site to be as accurate as it can be with real reviews good or bad. Best of luck and hope you get a good fake id from whatever site you buy from. Just come back and tell others, it really helps!